Construction of Citywide sidewalk improvements will begin in July and take almost a full year to complete.  The project will be funded from a $3.5 million grant the City recently applied for and received after multiple attempts.

Draft locations have been identified through a Citywide Sidewalk Improvement Plan adopted several years ago. Specific items will be modified as the project proceeds based upon priorities and available funding.  Costs for each item will not be fully known until work begins and the amount of tree modifications and curb and gutter work are determined.

The highest priority will be placed on repairs where the sidewalk is severely damaged and where curb ramps are needed to improve access.  The program will also include the addition of new sidewalks.  An emphasis will be placed on streets with missing segments of existing sidewalks and those with the highest amount of pedestrian traffic.  Once the project is complete, the City will begin implementation of an annual sidewalk program to fund other needed sidewalk improvements on an ongoing basis.