The City of King is now accepting residential security grant applications.  Grants for up to $200 per eligible household will be provided by the City of King.  In 2016, King City established a registry program to maintain a record of all properties with camera systems to enable the Police Department to more quickly contact residents to access their camera footage in areas where a crime has occurred.  The City, in an effort to expand the registry program for camera systems, has established a “Residential Security Camera Grant Program” whereby applicants will be provided reimbursement grants up to the amount of $200 per household.

All parties who receive grant funding will be registered into the Police Department camera registry as a condition of their participation in the grant program.  All systems are required to have video storage capabilities and recipients agree to provide the Police Department access to video footage if requested for the purpose of investigating a crime in the neighborhood.  Grants are for outdoor systems only and one of the cameras should be installed to face the street.

To be eligible to receive the grant funding applicants must submit an application prior to purchasing the system and/or equipment.  No systems purchased prior to the approval of the application will be approved.  The Police Department will notify the applicant within 7 business days if their application is approved.  Once approved the applicant may then purchase at their own expense the system, install the equipment, and submit the receipt for the purchased system.  A Police Department representative will then obtain a release of liability from the applicant and property owner as well as inspect the system to confirm it is installed, operational, and possesses video storage capabilities. Once the release of liability has been obtained and the system verified by Police Department personnel the applicant’s grant application will be processed for reimbursement in the amount of up to $200.

A renter may apply to the grant program, but must obtain authorization from the property owner in advance of submitting their application.  Renters acknowledge all systems purchased as part of the grant application program must remain at the property if they move.

To apply please click in the link:  Security Camera Grant Application

For questions or additional information regarding the Security Camera Grant Program, please contact the following:

King City Police Department
Attn: Captain James Hunt
415 Bassett Street
King City, CA 93930