Maintaining front yards is important to beautification efforts in order to provide attractive neighborhoods and good quality of life for everyone in the community. The City is increasing enforcement of front yard maintenance requirements due to a number of complaints of excessive weeds and/or lack of landscaping.  The King City Municipal Code requires front yard landscaping, and dirt yards are not permitted.  While grass is allowed, residents are encouraged to pursue drought tolerant ground covers, including decomposed granite, decorative rock, bark, or mulch.  Some plants are also required. 

To assist in the beautification efforts, the City will provide free mulch groundcover and compost fertilizer to all residents while it lasts beginning November 1st.  It consists of recycled materials from the City’s organics recycling program.  Residents can pick up the mulch and compost at the City’s closed landfill site at the northern end of Industrial Way.  For those who are unable to transport it, the City will deliver to a residence at no cost.  You may schedule a delivery by contacting City Hall at 831-385-3281.

For those who have grass lawns and would like to replace them with a drought tolerant alternative, Cal Water will also provide cash rebates up to $3 per square foot for turf replacement and $.50 per square foot for specified drip irrigation systems.  They also provide rebates for water conserving household appliances.  For more information on rebates, please go to