Public Utilities


California Water Service Company provides King City’s water supply. In 1994 there were 1,842 non-agricultural water connections. Total annual demand was over 530 million gallons serving an average daily demand of 800 gallons per connection. Industrial rates for water service are available from Cal Water and will vary depending upon volumes and source.

The East Ranch Business Park water supply is derived from a dedicated well. The total daily maximum is estimated to be 1.5 million gallons per day, ample for domestic and production requirements for most prospective park tenants. Additionally, the water supply provides sufficient volume for fire protection building sprinklers. Rates are $.84 per 8,750 gallons with other costs including a meter fee and a 2% utility tax, limited to a maximum of $2,000.

Wastewater Mgt. Storm & Sanitary Service

The City of King has endorsed a master plan for storm drainage and flood control. All development within the city limits is connected to the storm sewerage. Storm sewer mitigation fees are required prior to the issuance of a building permit.

The King City Sanitary Sewage Treatment plant utilizes both primary and secondary ponds with facilities for non-recoverable industrial wastewater. The average flow capacity is 1.2 million gallons per day (gpd), although the peak hour design flow is designed for 3.0 million gpd.

Through 1996 the plant treated an average of 759,000 gallons per day per month. The low month was January (612,000 gallons per day average) increasing to a peak of 891,000 gpd in November. The increased levels are attributed to the seasonal operations of Basic Vegetable Products as well as an increasing residential population and new home construction.

The Wastewater Treatment facility currently has the capacity to accommodate an additional 400,00 gallons per day. The plant design can accommodate “build out” in the existing city limits.

King City’s residential customers enjoy the lowest sewage treatment rates in California. Businesses are billed quarterly by the city for sewer use. Fees are based upon the amount of water consumed by individual firms.

Gas and Electric

Pacific Gas and Electric Company supply natural gas and electrical service for business and industry in King City. A cogeneration plant, operated by Calpine Power Corp, is another alternative for electrical services. The plant is located in the East Ranch Business Park.


Telephone service; Pacific Bell provides local use. A wide variety of long distance service companies augment communication facilities in King City. There is also one local am/fm radio station; KRKC and Charter Cable provides cable television services.

Utility Services Information

If you are new to King City, or are an existing resident, you might find the following contact information useful.

California Water Service Company
1301 Broadway Street, Suite A-3
(831) 385-5486

Pacific Gas & Electricity
118 S. 3rd St.
King City, CA 93930

Sanitary Sewer
Operated by City
Any inquiries please contact
Public Works Superintendent
Fernando Suarez
After hours
Waste and Recycle Disposal Services
Waste Management
52654 Jolon Road,
King City, CA 93930