Patrol Division

IMG_3722-002_480Police Officers are proactively seeking out unlawful activities and are normally assigned to patrol beats so they can establish a connection with the area residents and businesses. As part of their community-oriented police training, officers look for solutions to law enforcement issues they observe and then formulate and institute solutions on their own or as a group.

TitleNameTelephone Email

NameContact NumberEmail Address
Officer Matt
Officer Yvonne
Officer Stephen
Officer Daisey
Officer Michael
Officer Daniel
Officer Jesus
Officer Janelle



IMG_4531_480Specialty Assignments:
Field Training Officer
Firearms Instructor
Defensive Tactics Instructor
Taser Instructor
Less Lethal Weapons Instructor
Homeless Liaison Officer
Sports Liaison Officer
Chaplain Liaison Officer
Small Unmanned Aerial System Pilot

Impact Zones:

The following properties have been designated by the King City Police Department as IMPACT ZONES. These zones are the focused of highly concentrated patrols and zero tolerance for criminal activity. This is due to the property owners failure to control criminal activity on their property.

#1: 450 Jayne Street
#2: 101 River Drive
#3 :702 First Street
#4: 935 Broadway Street

King City will be seeking legal remedies against property owners who continue to allow nuisance, crime and disorder on their property.