Code Enforcement Services

The Code Enforcement Officer performs tasks related to the prevention, detection, investigation and enforcement of violations of statutes or ordinances regulating public health, public safety, public welfare, public works, business activities, consumer protection, building standards, land-use, and municipal affairs.

Maria Hernandez, Code Enforcement Officer

Code Enforcement Services Available

  • Investigate complaints related to blighted properties.
  • Investigate complaints related to abandoned and/or illegally parked vehicles (vehicle abatement).
  • Investigate complaints related to illegal structures.
  • Investigate complaints related to overgrown weeds.
  • Investigate complaints related to the storage of excessive trash and/or junk. 

There are two ways to initiate a code enforcement complaint:

1. Submit the complaint in writing by printing out the attached “Code Enforcement Complaint” form

Code Enforcement Complaint form – English
Code Enforcement Complaint form – Spanish

You may mail the form or submit in person to:

King City Police Department
415 Bassett Street
King City, CA. 93930

2. Complete the Code Enforcement complaint section in the Citizenserve database utilizing the following link:

Code Enforcement Complaint, Citizenserve

Codes and Ordinances

A full listing of the codes and ordinances related to the City of King can be found within the King City Municipal Code.