Animal Services

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Code Enforcement Officer Robert

Animal Services Responsibilities        

The Animal Control Officer performs tasks related to the enforcement of animal control laws within the City.

They have the ability to:

  • Issue verbal warnings and citations
  • Answer calls related to animal complaints
  • Safely capture and impound stray animals
  • Pick up injured, unlicensed animals
  • Arrange for transportation of animals to the SPCA, which provides sheltering services to the City of King under contract.

We are not available to handle calls for service related to wildlife. These calls are typically handled by either the Monterey County SPCA or the California Department of Fish and Game.

We Can Help

The Animal Services Unit is committed to promoting humane treatment and is responsible for care of pets within our City.  The Animal Control Officer is able to provide information regarding local spaying / neutering services and are available by appointment to provide presentations to school children, neighborhood associations, and community groups.

Monterey County Animal Shelter FAQ’s

  1. Where is the shelter?

King City now contracts with SPCA for sheltering services. We do not adopt animals from the King City animal shelter. The shelter is now a holding facility for lost pets that are waiting to be returned to their owners or transferred to the SPCA facility.

The King City Animal Shelter is located at 1010 Industrial Way in the City of King, but is not staffed 24 hours a day. If you have question or concerns, or would like to see if your animal is being held at the shelter, you may call the Animal Control Officer Dixie Gould at (831) 386-5981 or the non-emergency dispatch number at (831) 385-8311 and ask for the Animal Control Officer.

  1. Why do I have report a dog bite?

Even though your dog has been immunized for rabies, there is a small chance it has been exposed to this fatal disease. Just to be sure, your dog has to be quarantined for 10 days. You can report a dog bite by calling the King City Police Department’s non-emergency number at (831)385-4848

  1. Will my dog be quarantined if there is a bite?

I’m afraid if I call Animal Control they’ll take my dog away. Animal Control allows quarantine within the dog owner’s home as a courtesy The quarantine is a protection for both people and your dog and must be adhered to.

  1. What should I do if I lose my animal?

Contact King City Police Department by calling the non-emergency dispatch number (831) 385-8311 and asking for the animal control officer on duty. Your animal may be at the shelter and if not, a lost report will be taken and checked daily. You can also check with other animal service agencies in the county like the SPCA and the Monterey County Animal Services

  1. What should I do on weekends or after hours if I find injured wildlife?

King City Police Department does not handle wild animals. However, the SPCA Wildlife Division wilI help. Wildlife emergencies during business hours can be reported by calling (831) 264-5427. The after-hours emergency number is (831) 646-5534.

Codes & Restrictions

Most Common

A full listing of the codes and restrictions related to animals in the City of King can be found within the King City Municipal Code. Here is a brief summary of some of the most common codes that citizens ask about:

  • It is unlawful for any person having charge, care or control of any dog, whether licensed or not, to allow or permit any such dog to run at large, within the meaning of this section, unless such dog is:

(1) Restrained by a chain, strap or cord attached to its collar or harness, actually held by some person or made fast to some stationary object, or confined within a cage or other dog-tight enclosure; or

  • You cannot tie your dog to a post or tree for more than three consecutive hours. Tethering a dog became illegal in January of 2007
  • All dogs must have their rabies shots either yearly or every two or three years depending on the vaccine used by your veterinarian. This protects both your dog, and the public from any wild animal bites that may be rabid.
  • If your dog gets loose and is brought to the animal shelter you must provide proof of its immunizations and license. If your dog does not have a current rabies immunization or a city dog license, you must get get them within ten working days.
  • All animal bites must be reported to the King City Police Department This is for the protection of both people and animals.


KCPD Front Counter Fees

Shelter Information

The City of King contracts with the SPCA for sheltering services.

If you have questions or concerns, or would like to know if your animal is being held at the shelter, you may call the Department’s non-emergency dispatch number at (831) 385-8311 or contact the SPCA at 1002 Monterey-Salinas Highway, Salinas, CA 93908 (831) 373-2631 or Toll Free (877-4SP-CAMC) 877-477-2262

Dog License

Chapter 9 of the Municipal Code includes the rules and regulations for licensing your dog. All dogs four (4) months of age or older residing within the City limits must have current rabies vaccination and be licensed.


You may license your dog in person at the Police Department or you may mail in the completed Dog License Data Form with copies of the Rabies Certification and the Spay/Neuter Certificate, if applicable, and payment to:

King City Police Department
415 Bassett St.
King City CA 93930
(831) 385-4848

At this time, we accept cash or check only, but please do not mail cash.