Public Outreach & Education

The EPA emphasizes the importance of public outreach & education in controlling storm water pollution. According to the EPA’s Fact Sheet on the Public Outreach & Education Minimum Measure (Link), an informed and knowledgeable community is crucial to the success of a stormwater management program since it helps to ensure the following:

  • Greater support for the program as the public gains a greater understanding of the reasons why it is necessary and important.
  • Greater compliance with the program as the public becomes aware of the personal responsibilities expected of them and others in the community, including the individual actions they can take to protect or improve the quality of area waters.

The City has partnered up with Save the Whales to help provide storm water education and outreach in schools and at various public functions. In addition, the City distributes BMP brochures to businesses, restaurants, and other establishments raising awareness about how to prevent storm water pollution.