City Manager’s Office

City Manager Steve Adams
Steven Adams
City Manager

City Manager’s Office
Steven Adams
City Manager

212 South Vanderhurst Ave
King City, CA 93930
PH: (831) 385-3281
Fax (831) 385-6887

Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Closed Holidays

The City Manager’s Office provides external and internal support services for a number of essential functions related to the management operations of city government. The City Manager serves as the professional administrator of the City and is responsible for coordinating all day-to-day operations and administration. Duties include personnel, preparation and administration of the City budget, inter-governmental relations, and implementing the City Council’s policies. The City Manager is hired by the City Council and serves as the Council’s Chief Advisor.

Erica Sonne, City Clerk

Yolanda Cervantes, Community Assistance Coordinator

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City Clerk – Claim Presented To The City of King

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King City Municipal Code


20-Year Strategic Plan