After a year-long planning effort, the Blue Zones Project Monterey County held its formal kickoff of expansion of the program to King City on August 21st.

The Blue Zones project is the outcome of a study of locations in the world with the highest life longevity, referred to as “Blue Zones.” The study identified common characteristics of those areas and attempts to replicate them in other communities to create new Blue Zones. Blue Zones Project Monterey County was launched in Salinas in 2019 and has now selected King City as its next location. Program staff and volunteers are working with city leaders, schools, worksites, restaurants, grocery stores, and civic and faith-based organizations to make healthy choices easier for everyone in the community.

The Blue Zones Project focuses on making changes to the built environment, tobacco policy and food policies. The goal is to incorporate more movement, healthy foods, human interaction, and sense of purpose into normal daily activities. These are the common factors found in Blue Zones that help people live longer and happier lives.

The City encourages everyone to get involved to make our community the world’s next Blue Zone. For more information, contact