How do I have a garage sale?
  • A garage sale permit is required for any garage sales held in King City.
  • Garage sale applications can be found at the Documents & Forms global navigation tab at the top of the home page or at City Hall and can be submitted at City Hall, 212 S. Vanderhurst Avenue.
  • You may also apply online by selecting the Apply for a Permit graphic link under the pictures on the home page, choose Garage Sale Permit under Other, enter your account information or set up an account, and then enter the required information on the application.
  • Residents are allowed 2 Garage Sale Permits per address per calendar year. (January-December).
  • The fee for each permit is $15. 
  • When obtaining a Garage Sale Permit, you have two options for the duration of your sale:
    • 3 consecutive days – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
    • 2 consecutive weekends – Saturday & Sunday and the following Saturday & Sunday. This cannot be changed to a Friday.
  • Please make sure to follow all the instructions on the permit.  Items for sale cannot be displayed on the public right-of-way and no signs may be placed on street trees, utility poles, or any public property.  Violations may result in loss of the ability to apply for a permit in the future and/or a citation and fine.

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