How do I build a fence?
  • It is important to comply with City regulations when installing a new fence to avoid unnecessary changes after it is constructed. 
  • Fences in the front yard area are allowed up to 4 feet in height and do not require a permit except for circumstances described below.  
  • If a fence is located on a corner in what is referred to as the “vision clearance area”, they are limited to 3 feet in height to ensure vehicle drivers have the ability to see around corners.  
  • Wood side yard fences are limited to a maximum height of 7 feet.  
  • Building permits are required for front yard fences and brick or concrete walls above 3 feet high.  Refer to How to apply for a building permit for more information on applying for a building permit.
  • There are also restrictions on the types of fencing materials allowed.  The regulations are designed to prevent safety hazards and ensure fences are attractive.  
  • If you consider installing a new fence, please contact the Building Department at (831)386-5925 for more information.

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