How do I submit an ADU Permit?

Step 1: Review the California's HCD's ADU Handbook and the King City Municipal Code Title 17.47 for standards and requirements. Talk to Adriana Granados at (831)386-5925 for building submittal questions and Esmeralda Alvarez at (831) 386-5924 for planning questions.

Step 2: Hire an Architect or Designer to create your site plans, floor plans, elevations. If you plan on doing a detached ADU as new construction (not a garage conversion or remodel) the City has pre-approved plans for you to consider and help save money and time.

Step 3: Submit a Building Permit Application via the City's permit portal Citizenserve. Staff will provide 1st review comments within a 2-weeks period. Same timeframe applies for re-submittals. Once the plans are approve, all fees are paid then the City may issue the building permit and construction may start. Follow requirments from the Building Department on inspections during constuction phose until you receiv your final inspeciton and cetificate of occupancy.

See the ADU Flyer for more information.

King City ADU Flyer

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1. How do I submit an ADU Permit?