How do I remove a tree?
  • If a tree is on private property, it does not require City approval to remove  However, if it is a street tree in the public right-of-way, prior City approval is required.  
  • Fill out a tree removal application (PDF) which can always be found on this website in the Documents and Forms global navigation tab at the top of the home page under Applications.  
  • City regulations regarding street trees can be found in Chapter 13.10 of the King City Municipal Code.  Removals are only approved for very limited circumstances, which include 
    • Dead or dying trees; 
    • Obstructing curb, gutter or sidewalk repair; 
    • Dangerous proximity to existing structures or utilities; 
    • In the way of proposed improvements;
    • Removal of a nuisance species; or
    • Thinning of trees consistent with good horticulture practices;
  •  Any approved street tree removals shall require replacement with a tree from the City’s master tree list.
  • Tree removals are only approved for damage to sewer lines under the following conditions:
    • The property owner can demonstrate that a minimum of 2 backups in the sewer lateral have occurred during the past 5 – year period due to tree roots.  
    • The City confirms that the tree was planted directly over the sewer lateral.
    • The City confirms that the blockage has occurred at a location within 3 feet of the base of the tree.
    • The City will replant a new tree at a different location in front of the property away from the lateral and the resident will agree to water the new tree until it is established, which is typically a 2 – year period.
  • The City trims all street trees every 4 years.  No other pruning or work of any kind is allowed in the public right-of-way without an encroachment permit except maintenance and/or planting of landscaping in the planting strips other than trees.  Any unauthorized removal or pruning of street trees may result in a citation and/or a charge for the cost for the City to replace the tree.

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