Transportation Planning

The Public Works Department is responsible for transportation planning and projects in order to maintain mobility and vehicle safety, enhance pedestrian and bike safety and accessibility, and promote and expand alternative forms of transportation.

The City of King is planning and has obtained partial funding for a multimodal transit center, which will include a new Amtrak Train Station.  The project is under design.  Other major projects under planning and development include a roundabout, citywide bike and walking path, safe routes to school improvements, and citywide electric vehicle charging station plan.

Bus service in King City is provided by Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST).  Line 34 is a local circulator system through King City.  Line 23 provides service to the Salinas Valley communities with connections to other areas of Monterey County.  Line 84 provides service to Paso Robles and communities to the south.  Paratransit services are provided by the RIDES program.  Please access the MST website at the link below for more information on transit service.