Streets & Sidewalks

The Public Works Department maintains over 30 miles of roadways and 50 miles of sidewalks, which includes an annual improvement program. The City has developed a plan to improve all streets within a 12-year period and has recently completed construction of a Citywide Sidewalk Improvement Plan. Any potholes or tripping hazards should be reported at the Submit a Request tab.

Any work or placement of any item or structure in the public right-of-way requires prior application and approval of an Encroachment Permit. Applications can be submitted online under the Apply for a Permit tab.

The Public Works Department also provides ongoing street sweeping services and an annual tree trimming program. Trees are trimmed in one-quarter of the City each year. Residents are responsible for maintaining any landscaping in the parking strips next to the sidewalk but are prohibited from trimming or removing any street trees in public right-of-way without approval of an encroachment permit and/or tree removal permit. Tree removals are approved in only limited circumstances due to health of the tree or meeting adopted criteria regarding damage to sewer lines or other infrastructure. The City follows ANSI tree pruning standards and does not "top" trees.

Report inoperable streetlights and traffic signal concerns by contacting City Hall at 831-385-3281. During non-business hours, you may leave a message at 831-682-1007.