On March 18th, the Monterey County Health Officer issued a Shelter in Place Order, which was reissued on April 3rd with increased restrictions.  Under the Municipal Code, the County Health Officer also serves as the City’s Health Officer.  A similar order was issued by the Governor of California for the entire State of California on March 19th, which has been followed with a number of subsequent changes.  On April 30, 2020, a subsequent Order was issued by the County Health Officer, which allows additional businesses to reopen under restrictions and established protocols.

Since then, the State has approved a variance request from the County of Monterey enabling the County to proceed to an additional stage of the “Resilience Roadmap for State Reopening”, which allowed indoor restaurant dining, indoor retail sales and churches.  Additional orders were issued by the County Health Officer on May 8, 2020 and May 26, 2020 to implement the reopening process consistent with the State guidelines.  Most recently, in response to the Governor’s Order, a new Order was issued by the County Health Officer on July 8th that now once again prohibits operation of bars and indoor dining in restaurants.

Apart from worship services, gatherings of people not from the same household are still not permitted, face coverings are still required, and residents are requested to limit travel to essential trips only.