The City is pleased to announce that King City’s HEART after-school expanded learning program will be expanding as a result of a number of State and Federal funding grants that have been approved. The program is the highest priority measure of the City’s Comprehensive Plan to End Youth Violence, which was up to almost 200 children at Santa Lucia Elementary School this year. Funding is now in place to add a summer program, expand program sites to include Del Rey and Arts Magnet Elementary Schools, and to increase enrollment to over 400 students. An enrollment application is attached. For more information, contact 559-972-6296.

HEART stands for Health, Enrichment, Academics, Recreation and Teamwork. The program is provided by ProYouth, a non-profit organization based in Visalia. It offers students healthy behavior activities, enrichment pathways, homework assistance and tutoring, multicultural awareness, and leadership development. These activities are based on what data has shown is most effective in increasing student success and reducing youth violence.

Everyone can also help by volunteering or making a contribution. Donation forms are also attached. For questions about contributions, contact City Hall at 386-3281.