The sole purpose of this fact sheet provided by the City of King is to educate the public on Measure K and Measure L. The following information is not intended to advocate a position for or against the measures.

Voters in King City will be asked to vote “Yes” or “No” on Measure K and Measure L on November 6th.

Each measure will be approved if a majority of voters vote “Yes”.

If approved, Measure K will extend the City’s current one-half percent local sales tax and increase it to one percent.

If Measure K is approved, the total sales tax charged in King City will be increased from 8.25% to 8.75%.

The tax will expire in 10 years.

All revenues from the tax will go to the City of King General Fund and can be used to fund City services and to pay off debt.

Budgeted expenditures of the revenues will be reviewed by a local budget review committee prior to consideration by the City Council and will be part of the City’s annual outside audit.

The current local sales tax rates charged by each city in Monterey County are as follows:

  • Greenfield – 1 ¾ cents
  • Del Rey Oaks – 1 ½ cents
  • Salinas – 1 ½ cents
  • Seaside – 1 ½ cents
  • Carmel – 1 cent
  • Marina – 1 cent
  • Monterey – 1 cent
  • Pacific Grove – 1 cent
  • Sand City – 1 cent
  • Soledad – 1 cent
  • Gonzales – ½ cent
  • King City – ½ cent

The language of Measure K is as follows:

Shall the measure increasing the City of King’s current one-half percent sales tax to one percent to generate an estimated increase of $800,000 annually for general city expenses, such as public safety and other essential services, street repairs, economic development efforts, and improving the City’s overall financial solvency subject to citizen oversight, an annual audit, and expiration of the tax in 10 years be adopted?

Measure L is an advisory measure, which is non-binding and provides the City Council input on how to spend the revenues if Measure K passes.

The language of Measure L is as follows:

If the City of King General Sales Tax Measure L passes, should the revenues be used to balance the budget in order to maintain existing services; pay off General Fund debt and establish a financial reserve; fund public safety staffing, services and projects designed to eliminate youth violence; fund improvements to street and sidewalk infrastructure; and fund downtown public improvements and other economic development efforts designed to increase businesses, jobs and visitors to King City?

Please contact the City Hall at 385-3281 if you have questions or request additional information.