The City recently received approval from Caltrans for a Systemic Safety Analysis Report Program (SSARP) grant for $80,000 to prepare a “Local Road Safety Plan.” In response to a Request for Proposals issued by the City, the City Council then approved a contract with Fehr and Peers to prepare the plan, which is a leading traffic engineering firm in California. The kickoff meeting for the project was recently held.

While King City does not have a relatively high accident history compared to most cities, the City’s system of roadways and intersections has been developed over many years and few modifications have been made. As a result, the City wants to be proactive by evaluating the overall system to determine what improvements can be made to increase vehicle and pedestrian safety. Due to growth and development, the City believes that locations that have not been a problem in the past may result in future issues if traffic increases. Therefore, the objective is to make improvements necessary to address potential issues before they become a problem or create a hazard.

The project will consist of evaluating the City’s intersections, crosswalks and stop signs; selecting priority locations for more detailed analysis; and then developing recommendations for safety improvements. The consultants will collect and analyze collision data, roadway data, and evaluate the existing system design to determine any inconsistencies with current industry best practices. Implementation of the recommendations will depend on available funding. Therefore, the proposed measures will be prioritized and implemented through a phased approach.

Caltrans encourages jurisdictions to prepare a local road safety plan, which is a relative new concept. They may become a requirement for receiving some transportation system grants in the future. King City will be one of the first jurisdictions to prepare such a plan. As a result, the project may help the City become competitive for future grant opportunities.

Key stakeholders will be asked to participate in the process and provide input. The City is also requesting assistance from the public. If you have concerns regarding any areas on City streets that you believe may involve a potential hazard and would like included in the study, please report them to the City by calling 385-3281 or e-mail the City Manager at sadams@kingcity.com. Any input received will be submitted to the consultants and the City will provide feedback on the results of the study and final plan.

The Local Road Safety Plan is part of the City’s overall effort to enhance safety for everyone in the community.