Progress on implementation of the Comprehensive Plan to End Youth Violence continues. The City is making a major investment in technology and equipment in its commitment to increase public safety. First, in a partnership with PG&E, over 100 new streetlights are scheduled to be installed on existing utility poles. Work will begin on September 15th and is expected to take approximately two months to complete. One additional light will be installed on almost every block with existing utility poles. The lights are being funded from savings generated by converting all other streetlights to LED. The City is also developing plans for a future program to add more lights and poles on an ongoing basis in dimly lit locations where utility poles don’t currently exist.

Second, the City is installing an extensive security camera system throughout the City. The system will be based on a microwave communications network to transmit all video to the Police Department. Phase I of the project will cost approximately $450,000, which will be funded from grants, sale of property, and revenues from the sale of credits received from PG&E to underground utilities. As a result, no tax dollars are being used to pay for the system. The system is planned to be operational within two months.