The City is committed to maintaining its mission of meeting the needs of the community during this difficult time.  The City’s dedicated staff are working hard to protect the public health and continue to provide essential services.

The City quickly developed and implemented a comprehensive Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Emergency Plan (see prior section).  Strict sanitation and social distancing policies have been implemented.  Many of the measures in the plan are designed to ensure the City can maintain staffing levels necessary to respond to the community’s essential needs. Technology capabilities have been established to implement telecommuting practices to reduce the number of staff on site.  Public Works crews have been divided into separate work units to avoid potential exposure.

Staff have been reassigned from their normal duties to coordinate business assistance, community food and supply assistance, and enforcement functions. Notification of the Orders and safety guidelines have been prepared and distributed to all stores. During the shutdown, warning signs for customers were placed at the entrance of every exempted store, instructional pedestrian signs were placed on the sidewalks in the downtown area, and handwashing stations were placed at strategic locations. Since the reopening of businesses, those items were removed and professionally made signs were printed and provided to every business.

The City has been tasked with enforcing the Shelter in Place Orders. It appreciates the cooperation of businesses that have closed voluntarily that are not exempted by the orders. The City has cancelled all public events, postponed recreational programs, and closed all City offices and recreational facilities. Use picnic areas, baseball and soccer fields, and basketball courts are all closed for public use except in unique circumstances that comply with the State’s guidelines. However, the Skate Park recently opened and playgrounds will be open as of October 26, 2020 under restrictions established by the State. Please see the guidelines identified below that must be followed when utilizing playgrounds. In addition, open space areas remain open to walk, run, walk pets, and exercise as long as social distancing of 6 feet between people is followed. The City remains in operation to provide essential services. You may contact City Hall by phone at 831-385-3281, communicate with City staff by e-mail, or make an appointment if it is essential to access City Hall.

Meanwhile, the City is anticipating a severe financial impact to its revenues from this emergency.  Staff is already preparing budget contingency plans to maintain financial solvency and to prepare for economic recovery once the health crisis has subsided.

In addition, the City has tried to use every means available to distribute information to the public, including Facebook, press releases, radio ads, public service announcements, flyers, etc.  This new section devoted to COVID-19 information has been created on the City’s website.  Please “like” the City’s Facebook page and visit the City website at