The City’s streets are an important investment and can save a lot of money in the long-run if maintained correctly. The City recently developed a Pavement Management Program, which assessed the condition of every street and uses a computer model to determine the most cost effective schedule for upgrades. The plan proposes to gradually resurface a few of the worst streets each year, while at the same time applying slurry seal treatments to those in better condition to prevent them from reaching the point where they need to be resurfaced.

The City Council recently approved this year’s street projects, which are funded from County transportation sales tax and State Gas Tax funds. The City hopes to increase local funding in the future to expand street improvements. The streets to be resurfaced this year include Vanderhurst Avenue from King Street to Ellis Street and the 300 and 400 blocks of Ulrey Street. Streets that will receive a slurry seal treatment include the neighborhood consisting of Sycamore Street, a portion of Second Street, Maple Street, Pine court, Oak Court and Beach Street. Slurry seal of Heritage Court and a portion of San Antonio Drive are also planned if funding is available based on bids received. Work is projected to be completed in early September. Residents of those streets will be notified when the work will take place.